A New Adventure Begins is the very first chapter of the Adventures of Silly Cinderella.



Cinderella is annoyed with Prince Charming. That night, she gets a knife and enters his room then kills him off-screen. She escapes back to Chicago Fantasy, where her step family lives. But, before leaving, she burns down the castle. Cinderella is no longer a princess.


Cinderella is turned by the Ugly Witch during her unexpected visit. She asks her stepmother and stepsisters to help, but her stepmother but they are busy with their homework and business. Then she seeks help from Fairy God Mother but sees her already pregnant. Cinderella helps her and the child comes out. She says "Oh my gosh, it's a boy!" But dies by exploding into ashes. Cinderella approaches the baby and it turns into Fairy God Boy. He says "Surprise!", scaring her. He gives her advice to start her adventure. The episode ends with Fairy God Boy and Cinderella building a memorial for their mother. Then Cinderella goes crazy around the house and the screen turns to black. It includes an voice epilogue where the stepmother shockingly says "Oh my glob, Cinderella, are you crazy?"


"Goodbye, mother."


"Oh my gosh, it's a boy!"


  • Prince Charming's castle is located in Royal Fantasy.

Followed by: "Frog Curse"

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