Frog Curse is the second episode/chapter of the Silly Cinderella series.


Cinderella, now turned into a crazy idiot, notices some sparkles. Curious, she touches it anyway and turns into a frog. Although she is a frog, she can speak humanly. She calls Fairy God Boy. It's now up to Fairy God Boy to save Cinderella. He sees a fat evil witch, which turns out to be the witch that turned Cinderella crazy. He forces her to turn Cinderella back to a beautiful girl, but she refuses and escapes. Suddenly, a soul of a woman appears, it turns out to be a good witch, she is the younger sister of the evil witch. She mentions that her sister killed the Good Witch and their parents because she was loved more than the Evil witch. Before disappearing, she gives Fairy God Boy a scroll to remove the frog curse.

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